Rhymes to Re-education book launch

Rhymes to Re-education book launch

April 22
Yorkwoods Library
1785 Finch Ave West
6 pm – 7:30 pm



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New Date: I got Sole: Panel discussing sneaker culture in the context of urban subculture

Wednesday April 2, 2014
5-7 pm
University of Toronto Scarborough Campus – Instructional Centre Atrium

parking is $4 – http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/~parking/rates.html (for more details).

See flyer below



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Black History Month Conference Keynote Michael Eric Dyson – UTSC

John River – hope city – opened up the keynote with great stories through spoken word of the lived experience of a youth in our city


Michael Eric Dyson was beyond amazing! Below are my notes I was trying to scramble down on my phone as he was speaking!



These are his words and opinions below. Although I agree with many of it, this is notes I took from him speaking!

We need transformation of the world that we live. Many aspects are part of our identity: colour, race, sexual orientation etc. We are in evolution and becoming who we are meant to be.

We all are wanting recognition of our humanity where society punishes us for our differences

Man kills a youth because the youth’s very identity provoked fear.

Another young man was gunned down because he provoked suspicion.

His very own identity has provoked this.

People are…

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Exploring gender, economic justice, and race through sneaker culture

It was a great event at Hart House!  Students, Community Activists and the Bata Show Museum coming together to discuss something that is on everyone’s feet!

Here is a photo set from the evening: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bzoras/sets/72157641636173963/

Here is the photo set of the exhibit:


Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 5.37.20 PM

I felt the panel went well overall.  Unfortunately there were a few attendees who felt they should be on the panel and kept interrupting with opinions that were not helpful at building conversation. The panel handled them well.  I have personally seen how Dion from Toronto Loves Kicks has worked with youth and made an impact.  He brought students to the museum and showed them about curating the event as well.  This opportunity is rare and a great learning experience from the students. A few people kept on mentioning that the sneaker movement has been taken from Hip Hop.  I think the brilliance of Hip Hop is that it has taken in sneakers and shoes, remixed them, and spit out awesome sneakers.  There are major companies involved and yes major companies are profiting but I think the main idea from the talk was the culture that is present and that youth are engaged in sneaker culture.

Below are some rough notes from the event

Semmelhack of the Bata show musuem felt clothing is essential to social identity. If students are spending money on shoes to fit into a culture it’s worth studying.

Higgins said, once it hits the museums, some people feel it’s dead. It goes uptown. The academia get involved and legitimize.  Hip hop is now 40 years old so it has grown and will show evolution. It opens up revenue opportunities.

Dion felt museum culture and sneaker culture are getting together. Sneaker culture evolves and Bata has to evolve by taking on sneaker culture.  

Commodification was a large issue of discussion on who owns the culture and who is profiting.

Article below is by Victoria Wicks from The Varsity.

article here: http://thevarsity.ca/2014/03/03/exploring-gender-economic-justice-and-race-through-sneaker-culture/



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Racial Profiling, Regulation, Surveillance and State Control

CUS Blog


Racial Profiling, Regulation, Surveillance and State Control

Organized by the York Centre for Education and Community’s (YCEC) Graduate Student Network (GSN)

Friday March 14, 2014; 280 York Lanes

First Session

12.00 Welcome and Moderator: Carl James (Director, York Centre for Education and Community)

12:05         Yafet Twelde (YCEC-GSN): Black Activism in Canada

12:20         Respondent: David Austin (Dept. of Humanities, Philosophy and Religion, John Abbott College, Montreal)

12:40         Funke Aladejabe (YCEC-GSN): The Extensions of State Regulation: The Women’s Liberation Movement and Sister-Outsiders, 1960s-1980s.

12:55         Respondent: Andrea Davis (Director, Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean, York)

13:15         Q & A 30 MINS

13:45 Break 15 mins with refreshments

Second Session

14.00 Welcome and Moderator: Leslie Sanders (Dept. of Humanities, York)

14.05 Francesca D’Amico (YCEC-GSN): The Mic Is My Piece”: Canadian Hip Hop, the Gendered “Cool Pose” and Rapping Against Castration

14.20 Respondent: Mark Campbell (Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Regina)

14.40 Tapo Chimbganda (YCEC-GSN): Cinderella…

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Hip Hop and Urban Education – OISE Talk

Great meeting everyone at OISE today! What a great session!

Here is the presentation below and handouts

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 8.02.59 PM


HandoutGuest lecture – handout

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Sneaking into the Big Leagues: Emergence of Sneaker Culture in Mainstream Society

CUS Blog

Details: Sneakers are a beloved and vital part of global culture with various meanings in multiple communities. From comfort wear to physical activity and hip hop music to urban trendsetting and youth identity, sneakers have taken a foothold in the world of fashion, culture and social capital. Hart House will investigate and explore the notion of the sneaker subculture: how do sneakers make space for dialogue between developing countries and first world nations, marginalized voices and mainstream society, urban and suburban communities, athletes and ordinary folks? Sneakers have served as the gateway to greater awareness of fair trade working conditions, economic justice and the power of street culture to affect mainstream fashion. Sneakers, like the Pan Am Games themselves, celebrate a shared experience, diversity, identity and physical activity.

Sneaking into the Big Leagues: Emergence of Sneaker Culture in Mainstream Society
This panel will explore sneakers from the vantage point of…

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